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Gabby Petito Found Dead? – Obituary?:

Confirmed: R.I.P. GABS 🙏

THE 22-year-old influencer Gabby Petito, who embraced the popular #VanLife trend by traveling the US in a van, was found dead in Wyoming. – Italian And Proud wrote on Facebook.

BREAKING: Authorities say they have discovered a body during a search in Wyoming for missing woman Gabby Petito. No official identification on the body has been made yet!

Gabby Petito a 22 year old lady was last seen by her family members around late August, 2021. Her family reported her missing case on September 11, 2021 and they said that she was believed to have been in Grand Teton National Park at the time of her last contact with her family.


Height: 5’5”, 110 pounds
Hair: long blonde/strawberry blonde hair.
Eyes: Blue
Misc: Gabby has “Let it be” tattooed on her right arm and a tattoo of a triangle with flowers on her left arm.

Update!!!Breaking: Is Gabby Petito Found Dead? Authorities Responding to Body Found in Wyoming National Park – Read The Full Story Here

What We Heard About Her Last Journey Before She Went Missing

Ms. Petito and her boyfriend were driving a white 2012 Ford Transit van with a variety of stickers on the back. The van is registered to Ms. Petito and bears Florida tag QFTG03.

If the public has any information, such as potential sightings, photos, videos, or any other information concerning Ms. Petito, their information and tips may be submitted anonymously to 1-800-CALL-FBI or 303-629-7171 or online at No piece of information is too small or inconsequential to help in law enforcement’s efforts to bring Ms. Petito home.”

Comment About Missing Gabby Petito

Katie Cooper wrote on Facebook: Gabby Petito 💜

ETA: Brian is now on the run. I won’t say missing, out of respect for her family who have stated he is hiding and not missing. Gabby is missing. Hopefully he is found alive because if he’s not, finding her becomes 100x harder. The FBI announced they are searching a 25,000 acre reserve for him

ETA: police confirm no link between the double homicide and Gabby.

Edit to add: please read this before reading the rest. I will not tolerate any trashing, bashing or negative comments about Gabby Petito. We don’t victim shame here and I am not going to let MY post on MY page turn into anything disrespectful about her. I’ll block you. Use your own page for that if you feel so inclined. Thanks.

Update!!!Breaking: Is Gabby Petito Found Dead? Authorities Responding to Body Found in Wyoming National Park – Read The Full Story Here

Let’s talk about Gabby Petito.

First of all, I hope this poor girl is found alive. My prayers are with her and her family.

Her fiancé showed back up in their van to Florida September 1st. Says not a word about Gabby to anyone. His family and him ignore her parents frantic calls trying to reach their daughter until her family ends up reporting her missing.

Even if he left her somewhere, alive, the likelihood she would have survived this long and not made contact with anyone..slim to none

Obviously we all suspect the same thing here

But the possible connection between this and the two women found murdered?! His last IG post was the day before these murders took place. The dead women had reported a male at their campground making them uncomfortable AND one of them worked at the same store where the domestic incident between Gabby And POS took place?

I can’t even imagine the pain her family is in.

His statement via his lawyer says they are going to “stay in the background of the investigation” says all I need to know. This girl was the love of his life and she’s missing and you refuse to sit down with the police and even answer where you last saw the girl?

Do things to him until he talks. I edited because people were so offended by my words 🙄

Edit to add: I included a photo of Gabby and her dad. The only photo deserved to be shared. Not any of her and the evil that is keeping her from being brought home to them. Give her dad five minutes alone with him. I think her dad should have that right

New ETA: I am getting a lot of friend requests because of this post. I am sorry, but I will likely not accept. This post is public so you’ll still be able to follow along 💜

Is Gabby Petito Dead?

No, Gabby Petito has not been found, officers and loved ones are still looking for her.

God willing, she will be found safe and sound.


Law enforcement now has tracking access for both Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito’s cell phones, as of Saturday afternoon. This means they can track where the phones currently are located as well as where they have been. The process could take some time, according to officials.

Police do not physically have either of the phones. – Lisa Spooner wrote on Facebook

More Information About Gabby Petito’s Whereabouts Can be Find Here Also!


  1. I served a man that looked like him Thursday in Paducah Ky at the kountry kastle. Didn’t think much of it because I thought he was caught but just found out he is missing. I don’t know if that’s him for sure but our recordings only last a small time there. Prayers for her family

  2. I have a daughter and I can’t imagine what Gabby’s parents and family are feeling right now. I hope & pray they find their daughter safe and can bring her home to her family. Prayers to all of you!

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