Find Out the Big Twist Revealed at the End of The Bachelorette’s Fantasy Suites Episode – E! Online – Explained!

Meanwhile, it was time for Rachel’s closing in a single day date with Zach. After a day spent tequila tasting and consuming grasshoppers in Mexico, Rachel and Zach had a romantic dinner which led into an invite to Rachel’s suite. 

When the solar got here up, nevertheless, it grew to become clear issues didn’t go as deliberate.

“Waking up this morning, I’m feeling a little confused after last night,” Zach mentioned. “Fantasy suite night with Rachel was not the night I expected. Initially in the fantasy suite, I was feeling so sure. We’re having this amazing time, we’re one step closer to engagement and we’re having that important conversation about religion, politics and all of that stuff.”

Zach defined that Rachel expressed issues about the 25-yr-previous’s skill to commit, which he mentioned “came out of nowhere and I think was bulls–t, to be honest.”

So, he did what any confused Bachelorette suitor would do: He went to Jesse Palmer’s room for a pep speak! Zach informed Jesse that Rachel was a totally totally different particular person when the cameras weren’t round, which he referred to as “very inauthentic.” 

With just one of her males left in Mexico, Gabby determined to forego the rose ceremony and have a dialog with Erich alone. In his room, Gabby informed him that she cherished him to which Erich exclaimed, “This is frickin’ amazing.” 

That’s one completely happy ending sorted out.

Meanwhile, as the rose ceremony was about to start, Zach requested to talk one-on-one with Rachel. However, earlier than we may discover out what he mentioned, issues reduce to Los Angeles and Jesse standing in the center of an empty soundstage.

“I know you were all expecting to watch the end of that dramatic rose ceremony in Mexico right now,” Jesse mentioned. “I know you’re very anxious and eager to find out what happens next.”

Yes, Jesse! Yes, we’re!

“Unfortunately, you’re not going to see that tonight. I’m very, very sorry for that,” Jesse continued. “Things have just been so emotional and so dramatic for both Gabby and Rachel that we felt it was right to take a moment to prepare ourselves for the shocking events that are about to take place. Events that are about to change both Rachel and Gabby’s lives forever.”

Jesse then introduced that subsequent week’s Bachelorette finale will happen stay.

Brace yourselves, Bachelor Nation. 

The season finale of The Bachelorette airs Sept. 13 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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