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Fernanda Alarcon is by all accounts in her late 30s. Her real age has not been uncovered at this level.

She is the partner of an eminent Chilean author, Giancarlo Petaccia. The pair had been seeing somebody 2010 and bought hitched on November 5, 2011.


Fernanda Alarcon Edad Based on her look, Fernanda Alarcon appears as if she is in her late 30s. Fernanda’s cautious delivery date isn’t imparted to basic society.

Fernanda is nicely often called the mate of Giancarlo Petaccia, who is a well-liked TV moderator. The couple is honored with a lady, Lia Petaccia, and a baby, Rocco Petaccia.

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Esposa de Petaccia Wikipedia Biografia As indicated by Wikipedia, the higher 50% of Giancarlo Petaccia is Fernanda Alarcon.

Giancarlo acquired gigantic appreciation from driving the initiatives like Close Up and Secret to Voices. Born and introduced up in Santiago, Chile, he laid down a superb basis for himself as a deeply grounded TV have.

The lovebirds beforehand noticed one another at an finish occasion for her companion. Then, at that time, they started to know each other extra and began their problem in 2010. He is correct now 53 years of age.

The immense age distinction between the couple is the principle urgent concern for Fernanda’s dad. He denied tolerating their relationship. They have been collectively for fairly a very long time, conquering completely different difficulties.

While Giancarlo has not delivered any information about his household, it seems to be that they’re carrying on with a blissful wedded life.

Fernanda Alarcon Twitter Photos Checking by means of the net and digital leisure accounts, assembling any insights regarding Fernanda Alarcon is troublesome.

Fernanda is definitely not an online-based mostly leisure particular person, nonetheless her higher half Giancarlo is dynamic on his Instagram and Twitter accounts.

He constantly shares his tour pictures together with his household and his enterprise associated recordings. Regardless of his bustling timetable, he typically oversees time for the kids and his confederate, Fernanda.

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