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Eric LeClair Death: On December 4th, 2021 the World lost Eric LeClair, a committed father, husband, son, and friend to many. Eric loved his wife Elise and two young children, Eleanore and Rhett with all that he was.

Eric LeClair Tributes

Andy Petranek wrote: Eric LeClair was one of the great ones.

He was a shining light… attracting others with his positivity, integrity, and ability to see more in others than they could see in themselves.

He discovered Crossfit early on… one of the first 5 of us affiliates in all of SoCal.

He built an incredible community in Team CrossFit Academy… before anyone really even knew what the heck CrossFit was.

Soon after meeting him, you could tell he was committed, passionate, and cared very deeply about the people on his team.

His word was his bond.

His ability to pull the best out of you and to support you through thick and thin, through the longest of nights and shortest of days was another one of his greatest strengths.

He was a committed husband, and new father… loving this new part of his life more than anything he’d known prior…

He could shoulder the load of 10, 20, 30 normal humans… and did so gladly, with great pride, enthusiasm, and joy.

I can’t help but think that this inherent strength and willingness to shoulder the load might have also been the thing that lead to the tragic final chapter of his life.

He had problems… of course… we all do.

But his is a cautionary tale, and one, I believe, we can all use as a reminder.


In spite of how alone you might feel… there are others in the world who love you. And who would be more than willing to help share your burden, help carry the load.

But for that to happen, YOU MUST BE WILLING TO RECEIVE. And this takes swallowing your pride, lowering your defenses, admitting you need help, and asking for it… with a willingness to be seen.

I wish with all my heart that Eric had been willing and able to do this… but alas, that was not his karma, nor his to learn in this lifetime.

I miss him… the world is a little less bright without him here.

But if anything positive can come from this it’s this… WE CAN LEARN.

If you’re feeling down, pressure, doubt, inner pain, guilt, overwhelmed, fear, depressed, alone… take a deep breath and have the courage to pick up the phone and call someone. Even the suicide hotline.

We’re all in this together. I wish more than anything that Eric had remembered this.

Dani wrote: I just received news that will forever alter the CrossFit community and my experience within it. Eric LeClair has been a constant source of inspiration, advice, support, love… you name it. He embodied everything that I one day hope to be like.

My gym, Harbor City Health & Performance, would not be what it is today without this man’s guidance. Eric was one of the first 20 CrossFit affiliates worldwide, and as such, had so much to share with others to make the community and brand that much more impactful.

This feels so unfair and painful. My request to all of my Facebook friends is this… a majority of you didn’t know Eric, but his wife Elise and his two young children, Eleanore and Rhett, are now preparing for their future.

If you’re able to help in any way, please consider helping to relieve the financial burden his family will be facing.

Until we meet again, my friend 💔

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