Death: Who Is Nkululeko Chauke? What Happened

Nkululeko Chauke Talked About the Death story: A companion of Nkululeko “Flabba” Habedi shed light on the battle the rap star had with his sweetheart hours before she wounded him horribly.

Sindisiwe Manqele is being investigated for Habedi’s homicide.

Nkululeko Chauke told the High Court sitting in Randburg that he and his sweetheart had gone to a Sandton dance club with Habedi and Manqele.

The four mingled, burned-through liquor and moved. Notwithstanding, issues began when Habedi’s ex, recognized as Kea, came to Habedi and Chauke and welcomed and traded embraces with them.

Chauke said the lady said she had not seen him in quite a while.

“She continued by moving and contacting her thighs, saying I even look new,” said Chauke.

‘She was yelling at him’

He said Kea then, at that point, addressed the expired for around two minutes and grabbed a glass of their vodka prior to leaving the two couples.

Manqele was not satisfied, the court heard.

“She was very bombshell. She was yelling at him, saying how is it that he could affront her like that and play with his ex before her,” said Chauke.

He told the court Habedi attempted to stop the circumstance.

“He continued to console [her] she is by and large that, an ex. He likewise said how is it that he could play with her when her sweetheart is there and he is additionally a companion,” said Chauke.

The couple appeared to have chilled things off when Habedi made that big appearance to perform.

After his presentation, they kept moving together. Inconvenience continued when the time had come to leave the club.

As per Chauke, Habedi shouted to Manqele that the time had come to leave.

A man, who had been addressing Manqele and Chauke’s better half, became upset and asked Habedi for what reason he was taking the young ladies.

‘You can’t instruct me’

The circumstance was stopped by someone else and the two people left the club.

“At the point when we got to the parking garage, Sindi and the expired were talking. Sindi was saying for what reason is it OK for you to play with young ladies the entire evening, yet you have an issue when I converse with folks. You can’t guide me. You don’t cover my bills,” Chauke told the court.

He said the perished was stunned by Manqele’s remarks and inquired as to why she addressed him thusly out in the open.

Sometime thereafter, Manqele cut Habedi in the chest as they contended at his home in Alexandra.

She professes to have been acting justifiably.

One of the State observers has affirmed he heard the name Kea referenced as the two contended in the room.

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