Daryl Cronk Death – Avilla Baseball Coach Is Dead At 46

Daryl Cronk Death – We are highly devastated to announce the death of Daryl Cronk at the age of 46.

Avila Coach Daryl Cronk’s demise was made known to us through various tributes posted across the social media.

Daryl Cronk Obituary isn’t available at this moment.

Daryl Cronk was one of the sweetest and kindest person that ever lived, such a lovely person and so active and vibrant, which makes it even harder to comprehend this death.

Daryl Cronk Tributes Written By Friends and Families

Friends and Family are mourning the passing of their loved one Daryl Cronk. Below we have the few tributes posted on social media to honor the passing of the deceased.

Brad Wrote: I sadly write this post to reflect on the life of a great friend, Daryl Cronk. Daryl was an All American pitcher for Pitt State. And he was my pitching coach my freshman year at Pitt. Our friendship grew over the years and I considered Daryl a great friend.

As I’ve sat this morning reading posts and tributes to Daryl, you get a real sense of the impact his life has had on so many people. I have heard since college that “baseball is a fraternity”. And that never is more apparent than right now to me. The prayer circle that was in circulation for Daryl was unbelievable. And the circle I knew of is just a speck of dust of the entire circle that was praying for him.

He has a family from Pitt State. He also has a family at Avila University. I’ve read many messages this morning from former and current players. Fellow coaches. Even students at Avila that didn’t even play baseball for him that he had made an impact on. He also had a huge church family. The list goes on.

As I read all of these tributes I started noticing that none of them talked about winning and losing. It’s about the relationships he had with his players. Past and current players pouring out their hearts and feelings for a man that gave all of his heart and feelings to them.

I’ve seen thank you’s that have nothing to do with baseball, whether it be Daryl taking time to teach a kid how to play the guitar. And for those of you that don’t know, he could flat shred a guitar. Or maybe it was Daryl’s relationship with someone from church. Daryl’s faith was a huge part of his life.

My friendship with Daryl had nothing to do with baseball, although baseball is what brought us together. And as his impact on countless people’s lives becomes more and more evident today, I’m questioning that he held some super power that allowed him to slow time or be in more than one place at once bc he seemed to be at three weddings, two concerts, and two vacations with Kristyn all at the same time…and always with a smile that you will never forget if you’ve ever seen it.

I always referred to him as Superman. And I think it’s safe to say that is 💯 appropriate bc he was indeed a SUPER man.

My prayers for his three children, grandchild on the way, Kristyn, his family and friends who have hurting hearts today.

From one of Daryl’s quotes…”the reason it hurts so much is bc HE gave so much.” RIP D. Love ya, and thank you for our friendship.

Porche wrote: As I wake up this morning STILL in disbelief, I can only think of all the good memories I have with you. Grandma said last night “what I would do to get scared one more time by you” I felt that!!!

I remember in one of my darkest times when I was a new young momma you randomly called me and said to meet you somewhere, and you blessed me unexpectedly. Or the time Amari was the batboy for Avila University Baseball. He was there with you on the field practicing and you called me and said “hey I think you need to come get Amari, he dropped a brick on his foot while he was playing” I drove 90 to get to him. When I got there you had him in your arms waiting for me.

Uncle Daryl Cronk I’m so glad you aren’t suffering anymore. Life is truly UNFAIR. Please pray for my family and especially my grandma- who has lost her mother and son within weeks apart. We all need strength.

RIP to another Angel 🕊🙏🏼👼🏼

Zach Wrote: It has been a tough holidays. Things like my truck breaking down or the cats getting stolen seem to be irrelevant when the life a loved one is taken. I’m heartbroken to learn that my Coach Daryl Cronk passed away this morning and my former team mate Henry Morphew also lost his life recently. Coach Cronk was a truly inspirational man. He was kind, generous and would do anything for the people he loved. As I approach my final season at Avila University I can’t imagine what it will be like to step on the field with out him there with us. I also just found out the Henry passed away recently, it was a shock to me because I had talked to him recently and didn’t realize anything was wrong. Henry was a funny guy and was a blast to be around on the ball field. As a vet outfielder he guided me into my transition from catching to centerfield. The guy always had a smile on his face. I’ll miss all the laughs and discussions about your love for turtles in the outfield and dugout. I will miss both of these men deeply.

Tim wrote: Haven’t stoped crying since I heard the news of this great man right here’s passing. This man Daryl Cronk had no reason to give me a chance at being on a college baseball team when I was recruited to Avila for football. He always had a smile on his face he knew how to make us all better players and men. I am truly sick to my stomach after hearing the news this morning. I love you coach and thank you for everything! RIP coach Cronk. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family, coaching staff, and players.

Alex wrote: Just completely heartbroken and in disbelief of the passing of Henry Morphew and Daryl Cronk. 2 people that had a great impact on my life, and helped mold me into the person I am today.

Henry was one of my best friends my freshman/sophomore year of college, we spent countless nights together. He took me under his wing as a freshman and taught me a lot about work ethic. My love for music can be stemmed from my friendship with Henry. He would pick me up at 11:00pm on Thursday nights and we would drive around aimlessly and listen to all the new music that came out that week and talk about baseball. I remember sitting next to him every bus ride. We would share a pair of headphones each getting one ear, until we finally invested in a headphone jack where we could plug 2 into one phone. Henry was a great friend, and I couldn’t have been an Eagle without him 💜

Coach Cronk, was a big role model of mine through my 4 years at Avila. I am extremely grateful for the way you welcomed me, and all others into your program. He truly cared for each and everyone of his players, and treated everyone that passed through the program like family… A story that will stick with me forever is when I got injured my senior year. We heard about a doctor in California that might be able to help me. You flew us out in the middle of the week, during our season, in hopes that we could possibly salvage my senior season. I wish I could have expressed more gratitude for that gesture. It was the nicest thing anyone’s done for me. It meant the world to me. I think about that trip often. That is the type of guy Cronk was. It is hard to put into words what he meant to me, and many others.

Please pray for all of those affected by their passing. I love and miss them both greatly ❤️


Chris wrote: It’s not with a dry eye that I post today.

This man was truly one of a kind. I had the pleasure to play for him in high school and he recruited me to play for him at Avila. He was a true players coach.. he could be your best friend off the field and have your immediate respect of a coach the second you stepped on the field. He brought young men together from Atlanta to LA and everywhere in between and made us into a family. A man that truly cared about the men we would become after playing more than any win we had while playing. He cared about us getting married, having success after college in our careers, raising kids and remaining close with our teammates. I saw a bigger smile on his face hoisting some of my friends kids on his shoulder than he had raising a conference championship trophy.

If it weren’t for coach Cronk giving me a scholarship to play at Avila I wouldn’t have met the love of my life, I wouldn’t have fulfilled my childhood dream of playing college baseball, and wouldn’t have established some of the lifelong friendships that I now have. You are truly one of a kind coach. You will be missed.

Rest In Peace Coach Daryl Cronk

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How Did Daryl Cronk Died, Cause of Death?

According to what we saw online, Daryl Cronk died from Covid-19, but it’s still unconfirmed. He died surrounded by his friends and family at University Hospital in Columbia, Missouri.

Daryl Cronk Obituary Plans and Funeral Services

At the moment, no information as been received from the family as they are observing their difficult time.

Linkuppuppies is preparing an obituary for Daryl Cronk, and it will be updated when due. We don’t know yet if the family will be observing a public funeral for the deceased or will like to make it private.

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