Darryl Littleton Death – Comedian Darryl Littleton Cause of Death

Darryl Littleton Death – We are shocked and devastated to announce the death of darryl littleton who passed away on December 03, 2021. This was made known through several Tributes written by loved ones on social media.

Darryl Littleton is a comedian who got his start writing and performing sketches on the Tom Joyner Morning Show on CBS Radio. Littleton went on to work with Arsenio Hall, D.L.

Darryl Littleton Obituary and Cause of Death is still unavailable at the moment

Darryl Littleton Tributes

Brad wrote: My Dear friend and comedy colleague Darryl D’Militant Littleton has passed upward into spiritual freedom. He used his life on earth to bless us with his brilliant comedy and powerful personality. He authored like 10 books and was probably working on ten more. He was funny and he made us laugh. Darryl loved his family, he was a good father, a great friend and a good man. Thank you D. I love you man.

Charles Wrote: I woke up this morning to hear the sad news about the passing of my friend Darryl Littleton (D Militant) I’m going to truly miss you I’m going to miss are phone conversations weather we agreed or disagreed they were always fun rest well my friend 

Tony wrote: I was very shocked and saddened to learn the unfortunate news of the passing of fellow Comedian Darryl Littleton aka “D’Militant”…

He was also an Author, Writer and Actor…you will be missed my good brother! #RIP 😢

Vernon wrote: My heart paused when I saw that D’Militant Comedian
Darryl Littleton had passed away this morning. I didn’t know him well. Yet, we shared a few phone calls and Facebook messages. He was a judge for a Comedy Competition, I was in as a contestant, that’s when I met him in person (Columbia, South Carolina with Tina Graham). He was cool as a glass of water. I had admired his career from afar, watched him on DEF Jam and Comic View. Yet, to meet him in person was an honor.

This is and will always be one of Comedy’s Greats and Giants in my book. His book on “The History of Black Comedy” was the first book on comedy I purchased and it was worth it.

Rest well my Brother, Rest Well and thank you for all that you shared with the world.

– Longhorn the Comedian

Loni Wrote: My friend and fellow comedian Darryl “D’Militant” Littleton has passed. Darryl was a master joke teller who worked for Tom Joyner, Katt Williams, and others. I’ll miss his wit and cool demeanor but will remember the laughs we had. Condolences to his wife Tuesday, his children and fans. #RIP

T.c cope wrote: RIP to a true Pioneer in the Comedy World. Darryl Littleton “aka D.Millitant” in the 90’s was someone that carried a voice that could put your name out to perform on BET ComicView. From 98′ to 2003 I performed Comicview I hosted 2 nights a week in Nashville and I brought him to nashville numerous times and hosted auditions to send others along with myself to ComicView. The 90’s he would out for the comics from other cities that weren’t not from the larger cities. We lost 1 of the Brother’s that helped alot of us along the way. RIP D.Millitant you will be missed.. Prayers up to his Family and all who had the Opportunity to know this Brother..🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🤜🏾🤜🏾

Ajai Wrote: (W/ Fred Sanford ‘s emphasis>) This is a “Big one”- for me.
As saddened & shocked as I am to hear about the passing of my dear friend Darryl Littleton, I also have enormous amout of gratitude; to have known him & worked with him throughout 32 years. Back in the late 80s early 90s, He was one of the Few brothas who was respectful of me & my work-,no hidden agenda!
He was one of my (comedy) teachers.
Darryl KNEW how much love I had for him because I always told him. He knew the tremendous amount of respect I had for his work because I always told him. He knew he could Always call on me for a favor & I , him, cuz we were Family! He gave me my flowers and I gave him his! I know He Loved his children and adored his wife- because he always said so.
Darryl was a good man, an intelligent man, & a super talented man. He was our (black comedy ) historian. His body of work will live on! He will forever be remembered! Man! I will Miss him..but forever grateful that he crossed my path.
You can rest now My friend. No more suffering. You understood the assignment.
Well Done Sir!
-w/love- 💝

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