Corporate Natalie, American TikToker, Biography, Age, Real Name, Relationship

Corporate Natalie studied IT Management in college, and she holds a corporate job. Natalie has not revealed where she works.

Natalie is still in the early phase of her career and work from home felt like second nature to her.

As a creator, she makes videos about the difficulties and absurdities one faces in daily office life. She started her career working from home, and the transition felt less daunting to her.

Working from home has been bliss for Natalie as she has to wake up and not care about who is eating her lunch, taking public transit, traveling in the rain, and wearing a sweaty blazer all day.

Corporate Natalie is an American TikToker who posts funny videos about corporate life on her social media accounts.

Natalie parodies fun characters and ridiculous situations that one faces while working in today’s corporate world.

Natalie also hosts a podcast, 2solid6s, with her friend Kaitlan de Grosz. 2solid6s airs on Spotify and Apple Podcast. Kaitlan and Natalie are recent college graduates discussing post-grad despair, living in the real world, and other 23-year-old life situations.

Corporate Natalie’s Instagram account has 200k followers, and her bio says there are all fictional.

Natalie also has a personal Instagram account under nataliemariee__3, so Corporate Natalie’s real name might be Natalie Mariee.

Corporate Natalie has 211.6k followers and 6.4 million likes in total on her Tik-Tok account. Natalie’s Tik-Tok content is fictional.

Fans thought that Corporate Natalie left her job, but she revealed that she still has her corporate job, and it helps her create content.

Natalie says she is Corporate America by day, spring Tik-Tok star by night. Her videos, such as “the coworker who’s still shocked that we have to meet virtually,” parodied the situation of working remotely in the COVID-19 pandemic era.

Corporate Natalie was listed among the 21 Tik-Tok Stars to follow in 2021 in the 10th position by E Online. Other Tik-Tok stars included Frankie Jonas, Lele Pons, Benny Drama, Avani Gregg, Linda Dong, and many more famous Tik-Tok stars.

Corporate Natalie Age

According to her Instagram Question & Answer session, Corporate Natalie is 23 years of age.

Corporate Natalie Relationship

Natalie does not have a husband as she is not yet married. Corporate Natalie has not revealed the name of her boyfriend to her fans.

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