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Claudette Lee-Roseland, a well known painter has sadly passed away after a long battle with multiple form of cancer in the past three years.

Claudette Lee-Roseland was one of the sweetest and kindest person that ever lived, such a lovely person and so active and vibrant, which makes it even harder to comprehend this death.

Claudette Lee-Roseland death news was made known through the information posted on Facebook today.

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Claudette Lee-Roseland
May 28, 1938- October 3, 2021

We love you, Claudette. We will miss you dearly. We are all thankful to have had your friendship for so many years. Your legacy of generosity, fun and creativity will live on through everyone you have touched.

Dear friends, it is with gut-wrenching sadness that I pass along the news that our dear friend and fellow artist, Claudette Lee-Roseland passed away this morning. Her 3+ year battle with multiple forms of cancer has been devastating – yet heroic. I am so richly blessed to have known, laughed, and cried with this always beautiful, always colorful, always smiling lady. Damn, we lost a really good one, but her mark on Wisconsin art will reign eternal. Please keep Dean and her entire family in your thoughts and prayers.

Claudette Lee-Roseland was born on May 28, 21938, Claudette Lee-Roseland was a determined artist whose painting process involves the manipulation of color, value and shape. She starts with the application of many colors in a haphazard fashion, infusing the canvas or board with energy. Colors and shapes overlap one another. At some point, she may cover the support with a transparent color to create a uniformity to the painting. When she begins, she has no preconceived idea of what it will become. That is the fun for her – not knowing what it will become. She uses prearranged colors only when she is working on a commission.

Her mind is active with the concepts of value, color combinations, subtly of color blending, shapes and stroke lines. Crayon is one of her constant tools. She will use the crayons to create color activity and construct shapes with the line. She is continually thinking of the balance between colors, values and shapes. Her desire is to create a rich surface.

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