Church Lays Benedict To Rest, If Not His Department – Explained!

Maria Lulik, a 37-12 months-outdated Polish store assistant, mentioned within the sq., “I feel pain like I have lost my father.” “As a Pole, I obviously loved John Paul II, but Benedict was my spiritual guide, my moral compass.”

“Benedict was a role model for me long before he became Pope,” mentioned the Rev. Joseph Edusi-Poku, an extended-serving priest from Ghana. “And then he was humble enough to retire.”

That resignation crammed the complete ceremony with an ethereal environment.

“A Pope presides over the funeral of another Pope!” mentioned a French bishop, Jean-Yves Riocreux. After the funeral and with no conclave to decide on a successor, he mentioned, “All the cardinals who were there – they go back, they have nothing to do.”

At the conclusion of Mass, pallbearers in black fits carried the coffin into St. Peter’s Basilica, stopping earlier than Francis, who stood and positioned his palms on it, closing his eyes for a closing blessing and prayer.

Benedict’s casket was then positioned inside a zinc coffin after which inside a wood case. In accordance with Benedict’s needs, he was laid to relaxation the place his mentor, John Paul II, had gone earlier than his beatification at St. Peter’s Basilica within the Vatican, the step earlier than sainthood.

The emeritus title that may possible outline Benedict by way of historical past, and which made for an odd decade in church historical past and sowed rigidity in a polarized Vatican, adopted him to the tip.

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