Christian Kerr Death – Christian Kerr Cause of Death

Christian Kerr Death – We are extremely devastated to announce the death of Christian Kerr, who passed away peacefully in his sleep on December 01, 2021.

Family and friends show their love by penning down tributes to Christian Kerr

Tim Andrews wrote : Very sorry to learn of the passing of Christian Kerr.

People of my political generation would remember Christian as the absolute, number 1, must read in Australian politics back in the 2000’s, when, writing under the pseudonym Hillary Bray, he consistently broke every major political story, and reported every piece of gossip there was.

More recently, as online editor for The Spectator Australia, he always went out of his way to provide opportunities for up and coming writers, often providing the first platform for them to share their views, and being the start of their writing careers.

Join me in having a drink in memory of Christian, as he would have wanted. Truly one of the good guys.

Lisa Reid Wrote: Oh Christian Kerr. I have so much to say.

I wouldn’t be the person I am today if you hadn’t been in my life.

I will put something longer and more meaningful together when I’ve had a chance to gather my thoughts.

For now I raise a toast to a great mind, and a great companion through the world of music, nightclubs, literature, politics, fashion, food and fabulousness.

May you Rest In Peace, or find a bloody good nightclub that never closes.

Tim O’Hare wrote: Five years ago, Christian Kerr took a punt on an article I submitted to him and he published it in the Spectator Australia. We never met but I found him to be kind-hearted, generous with his time and professional in our correspondence. My experience with Christian seems to be echoed by the many other writers who crossed paths with him in his work at the Spectator and all of us benefited from his editorial insight. RIP Christian.

The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance Wrote: The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance awoke with a deep sense of loss, to the news of the tragic passing of our good friend Christian Kerr. Possessed of both a deep understanding of the Australian political landscape and a rapier wit, Chris could always be counted upon to turn just the right phrase. He lived for good journalism, his own and that of others. As an editor of multiple publications, Chris was always willing to run articles written by young ATA staffers and interns without fear or favour. If the copy was good, it didn’t matter if the author had little profile.

Chris will be remembered for his sense of humour and his equally formidable sense of style. Our thoughts are with his family and loved ones at this time.

Pete Shmigs wrote: May Christian Kerr rest in peace. Writer, editor, staffer, Flat White, Hilary Bray, Strewth, citizen, friend and wonderfully committed and loving dad.

Above all, Christian was among the last of the old school gentlemen. In values, in tastes (including his love of collectables, Adelaide and the Pet Shop Boys), in habits, and in dignified kindnesses. Even when his own chips were down – and there were some very tough times lately – he was generous with his wise counsel, his time and always his words. Every day Christian was with us, we were better for it.

Words and ideas – he cherished like crown jewels, and acted as though they have a significance outside of us mere scribblers. Because they do. As we write, we are in some ways released, in some ways made whole, and in some ways brought together with others. Christian and I came together through words.

As my editor, he once wrote to me: “You are finding your way. Keep going.” It was more powerful than he knew.

Vale, mate – and catch you at Pellegrini’s on the other side.

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