Chelsea Paolini Death – Tributes To Chelsea Paolini

Chelsea Paolini Death – We are extremely devastated to announce the death of an Artist, Chelsea Paolini who passed away few days ago.

Chelsea Paolini Obituary and Cause of Death is still unknown at this moment.

Andrew Paolini confirmed the death of his sister, he wrote on his Facebook page: For those who haven’t heard yet, my sister Chelsea passed away a few days ago. I just want to say that to everyone who has reached out to me and my family. It really means a lot even if we aren’t able to respond. There is a lot I would like to say, but don’t really have the words right now. Please keep posting pictures and sharing stories of Chelsea. I love seeing how many people she inspired and how many lives she touched. I was so lucky to have her as a sister. ❤️❤️❤️

Jon Nolan wrote: Chelsea Paolini…RIP, friend. Here you are playing my guitar. I’m going to remember that the next time I play it. I’m sad you died.

Nate Outer Stylie Martel wrote: So sad to hear about my friend Chelsea Paolini of People Skills . We met her and the band in 2013 (I think) at a festival in Maine, with basically just Stylie and People Skills, hit it off big time, and did some awesome shows together…you will be missed…

Ryan wrote: Rip Chelsea Paolini you were a phenomenal musician/artist amd it was a pleasure following your career/music over the years from the Free Refills to People Skills amd the time we spent in school. My thoughts go out to her family and my New Hampshire family.

Thomas Forbes wrote: Rest easy Chelsea Paolini
I will always remember when you hit me up a few years back wanting to do the RPM challenge, to make a whole album in a month and I was excited to say “absolutely let’s do it!!”. That time we spent was very special to me, and I am honored to have helped manifest this amazing artist’s musical vision into something everlasting.
Chels will never stop rockin, this we know.
Sending my love and prayers to the Paolini family.

Hunter Stamas Wrote: Absolutely heartbroken and devastated right now. We never got to do our cover of “I will survive” (the cake version) this month, but you really inspired me a lot as a musician and just a lot this November. Chelsea Paolini, you rock. 💛 I will miss your guitar, random pictures/voice memos of song ideas and sense of humor so much, this does not feel real 😞

Max Chase wrote: I am totally crushed by the loss of my longtime friend and bandmate, Chelsea Paolini. One Saturday when I was 15, I was sitting at home and the phone rang. My mom brought me the phone and on the other end was Chelsea (who I didn’t even really know at the time) asking if I would play bass in the new ska band her and her friend Mark were starting. This band would become our high school band, The Free Refills. Being in that group was THE formative experience of my adolescence and without Chelsea and that group I wouldn’t be who I am or doing what I am doing today. I’m terribly saddend by this devastating loss and my heart goes out to the Paolini Family and everyone who’s life she touched. I could go on and on, but I don’t really have it in me right now. Just find some People Skills, Free Refills, Chelsea solo, or The Dramadies and play it loud. 😔❤️🎶🎸.

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