California Braces For Yet More Rain – Explained!

In drought-hit California, heavy rain and snow have introduced some respite. But the rising water has inundated roads and homes in some components of the state. Water remains to be pouring out of streets and basements in downtown San Francisco, one of many areas hardest hit by the oncoming storm.

Already battered by frequent storms, California’s soil has grow to be much less absorbent, so even a couple of inches of rain could cause floods and slides, forecasters stated.

“Recent rains have left the soil saturated and susceptible to flooding and rapid runoff concerns,” the Weather Prediction Center stated. “There would also be a possibility of landslides in the sensitive area.”

A whirlwind river that drenched the West Coast on December 26 killed not less than 5 folks. Another storm system barreled east throughout the nation on Tuesday, bringing extreme tornadoes, blizzards and flooding throughout the Plains, higher Midwest and components of the South after snow fell on Utah and Arizona.

The Weather Prediction Center stated the storm ought to lower in depth within the Midwest by Wednesday night time because it shifts to the East Coast. It continued to set off tornadoes and introduced giant hail throughout the Midwest and Southeast on Tuesday night time.

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