Benedict Cumberbatch’s Family Could Face Trial Over Slave-owning Past In Barbados – Explained!

Hollywood actor Benedict Cumberbatch’s household might face damages from Barbados for operating a slave plantation on the island within the 18th and nineteenth centuries, in accordance with a report in The Telegraph.

Cumberbatch’s ancestor, Abraham Cumberbatch, reported the land within the 18th century to be dwelling to over 250 enslaved folks. The Telegraph reported that the household retained possession of them till the abolition of slavery in 1834.

The report additional states that David Komysng, vice-chairman of the National Commission on Reparations, desires slave-proudly owning households to pay reparations.

Mr. Commissioning mentioned, “It’s early stages. We’re just getting started. A lot of this history is really coming to light now.”

But in accordance with a report revealed in Barbados Today. Mr Commissioning has denied making these claims to The Telegraph, saying the newspaper is “putting his word” in his mouth.

“It is clear to me that Britain’s Daily Telegraph newspaper has embarked on a mission to fabricate its own narrative regarding Barbados’ reparations campaign.”

“A good example of the technique is the Daily Telegraph journalist asking me whether Barbados intends to pursue a compensation claim against the family of someone named Benedict Cumberbatch,” Ms Komising mentioned in her op-ed. When somebody solutions that nobody is aware of who Benedict Cumberbatch is nor something about his household’s alleged involvement in slavery in Barbados, this reply is reported by me as claiming that Barbados hosted Mr. Has not dominated out pursuing a compensation declare in opposition to Cumberbatch and his household!”

He provides, “And then suddenly there’s big international news about Barbados claiming damages against the aforementioned Benedict Cumberbatch!”

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