Ayanna Davis Leaked Snapchat Video – How To Watch It – See Video

Ayanna Davis Leaked – Ayanna Davis, a substitute English educator, was captured in Florida for having s3x with a young male understudy. The s3xual act between the educator and the anonymous understudy has been caught in a video and has since vanished.

The substitute educator was captured subsequent to being gotten on a Snapchat video on doubt of having s3x with an understudy.

An educator in Florida, Ayanna Davis, confessed to having s3x with understudies subsequent to sharing a Snapchat video around the school.

Davis, 20, fills in as a substitute instructor at Lakeland High School and educates English. On Friday, December 10, she was captured subsequent to admitting the charges.

The educator is planned to show up in court again on January 10 one year from now. Florida police are frantically searching for recordings of Ayanna Davis having s3x with the understudy.

The examination concerning this case was first dispatched on Friday, December 3, later a fairly profane Snapchat video purportedly showed that an educator understudy s3xual relationship had circulated around the web in the school.

An understudy told the school’s asset official that Snapchat recordings are coursing around the school. It is imparted to a huge gathering of understudies in the football crew and spread among different understudies.

Sheriff Grady Judd, for the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, said that up until this point, the police have been not able to track down Snapchat recordings

“I know it’s some place,” Sheriff Judd said. The Sheriff’s Office charged Ayanna Davis, a power figure, of carrying out a wrongdoing against an understudy.

The Lakeland Police Department likewise accused Davis of two counts of s3xual attack.

“This is a reasonable infringement of the s3x battery law. She impacts the person in question, and she utilizes this to get her mutilated joy,” Judd added.

The new approach makes it conceivable to recruit Ayanna Davis.

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