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Avon Darden an old Brooklyn teenager, who turned himself in to police. Avon Darden has five preceding arrests, all which are sealed, but includes three previous felony arrests, one of which was a weapons possession charge.

According to the New York Daily News, when he turned himself in to officers at the Midtown South Precinct Police Station, he was accompanied by his mother. His mother didn’t want to say anything about her son, as she declined to comment.

He turned himself in to the New York Police Department (NYPD) in Manhattan. In connection with the Times Square shooting that took place June 27, when a Navy tourist was injured by the bullet from Avon Darden. Avon Darden is being charged with attempted murder.

In recent times, authorities have charged two boys, ages eight and nine respectively, with manslaughter after they shot and killed a man with a 22 caliber rifle while clearing brush in a Carolina field.

The same incident happened in South, Avon Darden was spotted in Times Square is now being held for questioning.

It is reported that this is the second time this year that a shooting will take place in Times Square.

The gun violence at Crossroads of the World on June 27 was sparked by an argument with a break-dancer the night before Avon Darden allegedly moved in front of the performance.

According to Law Enforcement, Avon Darden returned the next day to the tourist spot, and the two entered, prompting the boy to pull out a gun and start a fire.

The bullet returned and struck Northville native and US Marine Corps Second Lieutenant Samuel Poulin, in the upper back as he and his family passed the Marriott hotel, on West 45th Street and Broadway around 5:15pm.

Samuel Poulin was in town for baptism and was visiting from upstate New York.

NYPD made provision of a surveillance footage which was used to record the wild scene, which showed the shooter firing aimlessly.

Darden was charged with attempted murder, assault, reckless danger, and criminal possession of a firearm, for firing a shot at the break-dancer.

Authorities try to manage the pattern that emerged during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Not much is known about Avon Darden before his arrest.

Avon Darden was asked if he had a message for Samuel Poulin and he muttered through his mask saying “Yes, I got a message for the family” Avon Darden said to detectives as they took him to court Wednesday night.

Avon Darden Age

Avon Darden is 16 years old.

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