Altenpflegerin kosovo video leaked on reddit, whats happened? – Explained!

Altenpflegerin kosovo video leaked on reddit, whats happened?

Peje (Kosovo) – These footage make each nursing dwelling resident’s nightmare come true: a nurse assaults a frail pensioner, grabs her hand and pushes her towards a wall. When the sufferer tries to combat again, the younger lady strikes. repeatedly!

The Facebook video was recorded within the Orenda nursing dwelling in Peje (Kosovo) and posted on Facebook. Unbelievable: Spectators are additionally watching and filming the scene!

Some staff mocked the assault and mocked the unarmed sufferer. It appeared to cheer up the batsmen. According to Albania Daily News, she slapped the frightened outdated lady once more: “Just a little slap, a little kick!”

In the Schortens vaccination middle, Antje T. is meant to carry up a syringe stuffed with saline resolution.

What investigators present in Lucy Lebby seemed to be straight out of a horror film.

Kosovo Police mentioned the crime scene was recognized from video footage round 2.10pm on Wednesday (November 2). A geriatric nurse and a colleague have been arrested. The latter didn’t report the assault to the police.

Officials: “The suspect will be questioned by investigators from the Page Police Department and further action will be taken in full coordination with the prosecutor.”

In response to the incident, Kosovar Interior Minister Sheral Svekla referred to as for everybody concerned to be held accountable. He burdened that these behaviors are exacerbated after they happen in environments the place assist and care needs to be offered.


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