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Tie Domi is dominatingly identified for his NHL occupation, which endured greater than sixteen years.

Domi performed for excellent NHL teams over the course of the time, together with Toronto Maple Leafs, New York Rangers, and Winnipeg Jets.

His tremendously celebrated proficient ice hockey vocation likewise welcomed the highlight to his personal life. Hence, people connecting with him have fascinated the general public 100% of the time.

Domi’s higher half, Heather McDonough, is likely one of the most-seemed for people on the internet as regards to Tie Domi’s family members.

Is Heather McDonough Tie Domi Second Wife? Her Married Life Heather McDonough is for positive Tie Domi’s second and present partner. The couple wedded in 2017 within the wake of relationship for a protracted whereas.

The NHL legend was not too long ago hitched to Leanne, but they separated in 2006 following 13 years of marriage.

Heather is a realtor and a specialist engaged with quite a few land organizations. She is the guy benefactor of H+H Real Estate Team Compass shut by Henry Hershkowitz.

A fruitful vocation girl, she partakes in a cheerful wedded existence together with her NHL resigned partner, Tie Domi. The Domi couple’s marriage is loaded up with understanding and love for each other.

Meet Heather McDonough Children And Family Heather McDonough is a canine mom of the Tribeca Pack that includes of her canine children, Roxy, Billy and Bobby.

The threesome is a pack of 1 Yorie and two Toy Poodles. Both Heather and Tie are guardians to those beautiful canines and look after them as their children. In addition, the couple moreover works the canine’s Instagram deal with to characteristic their childhood.

Then once more, Heather is a stepmother to Tie’s three grown-up kids from his earlier marriage. Tie is a dad to little women Carlin and Avery Rose and a toddler named Max.

Max proper now performs for the Carolina Hurricanes of the National Hockey League (NHL).

Where Could Heather McDonough Now be? Heather McDonough and Tie Dome are located in New York City proper now. In the interim, the couple moreover make outings to Toronto constantly for work and household social affairs.

Domi was born in Windsor, Ontario, whereas Heather’s expertise subtleties are but to be imparted to the final inhabitants.

She has been a New Yorker for a lot a good time and is possessed by town’s lifestyle. Subsequently, Heather helped to determine the New York Residential Agent Continuum, realizing town effectively.

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