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Each time we return to the misfortune, the circumstance of AJ Lewis Hutto and his sister Adrianna Hutto is as but upsetting. In 2022, he lives together with his took on household and has a stunning life.

Who would possibly at any level put out of your mind the small little one who separated in courtroom whereas recapping the story of his mother, killed his kin and was condemned to a lifetime in jail.


The courtroom then, at that time, selected to take a little bit child’s declaration and the proof he gave mindfully and condemned his mother to life in jail for first-diploma homicide.

At the purpose when Adrianna’s stepbrother A.J., who was six years of age at that time, knowledgeable specialists that he had seen his mother “hammer” Adrianna within the pool as a kind of beating, from the outset, it was anticipated that the passing was a mishap.

Where Is Aj Lewis Hutto In 2022? Adrianna Hutto’s brother, AJ Hutto, most likely accomplished secondary college as of now and is ventured to have signed up for varsity. He likewise lives together with his assenting household.

The youthful younger particular person witnessed the terrible event firsthand when he was six. A.J. seen his mother, Amanda Lewis, reprimanding and suffocating Adrianna, her extra seasoned sister, which prompted her dying.

Despite the truth that Hutto, who’s accepted to be in his 20s or mid 30s, has not been discovered, it’s anticipated that he’s as but dwelling in Florida, the place he was born and resided together with his household up till the age of six. His mother, Amanda Lewis, is imprisoned in Lowell Correctional Institution and gained’t go away till the top of her sentence.

On August 8, 2007, when the mom discovered her little woman oblivious within the household’s pool, she known as the police. She was stored and blamed for killing her 7-12 months-outdated woman Adrianna one month after the actual fact.

Murder of Adrianna Hutto Documentary American younger woman Adrianna Elaine Hutto, age 7, lived in Esto, Florida. Adrianna’s mother, Amanda E. Lewis, known as 911 on August 8, 2007, professing to have discovered her little woman torpid within the household’s pool.

Crisis responders took Adrianna to the close by emergency clinic Bay Medical, the place she was pronounced useless about an hour after the actual fact. At the purpose when Adrianna’s stepbrother A.J., then six years of age, let specialists know that he had seen his mother “hammer” Adrianna within the pool as a kind of beating, the demise was not usually seen as a mishap.

Adrianna was discovered to have ADHD all via the evaluation, and Lewis conceded that whereas, from the get go, she struggled with interfacing together with her woman, her adoration for Adrianna had created with time.

Examiners discovered that Adrianna and A.J. didn’t appear to have any toys within the house. Lewis answered that the toys had been eradicated for seven days as a kind of self-discipline and that they have been stored in a shed. Agents regarded via the shed and located no toys or any signal that any had been there, as they’d anticipated.

AJ Hutto Mother Amanda Lewis Case Update In March 2008, Amanda Lewis bought a lifelong incarceration with out the prospect of supply. Her little one AJ Hutto was an observer to his sister’s demise as he revealed Adrianna getting a “discipline” from Lewis for making use of window cleaner to some unacceptable spot.

A.J. reviewed the event and confirmed it in courtroom via a sketch, professing to have seen his mother killing his sister. Adrianna died excessively horrible, as indicated by A.J’s. document of his mother pushing her arms round her face.

Lewis, within the interim, stays by her declaration that Adrianna fell into the swimming pool and that she had not murdered her woman. She moreover attests that she is coming clear whereas A.J. isn’t and that she’s going to continually adore A.J.

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