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In the debut episode of Investigation Discovery’s bolting real wrongdoing miniseries, People Magazine Presents: Crimes of the ’90s, the appalling Dianne Hood homicide case is returned to. The episode debuted on Investigation Discovery on Monday, August 1, 2022, at 8/7c.

The episode’s title is 1990: Valley of the Damned, and as per the authority rundown:


“Individuals Magazine looks at Dianne Hood’s homicide in 1990; no one comprehends the reason why somebody would kill the popular mother, yet the request uncovers two bombed relationships, a double-crossing undertaking, and one person endeavoring to control two ladies.”

Since the declaration of the episode displaying Hood’s horrendous murder, people have been stressed to listen to extra in regards to the chilling murder case. In this fashion, shifting alongside, we must always get all the pieces rolling and acquire proficiency with absolutely the most important insights in regards to the horrible murder case.

Learn 5 terrible information in regards to the Dianne Hood homicide case from 1990.

1) Who was Dianne Hood? Dianne Hood, a 32-yr-outdated girl from Colorado, was killed. Her origination was Pecos County, Texas, the place she was born in July 1958. She was a considerably honest girl who incessantly visited locations of worship. She wedded a religious individual referred to as Brian Hood, who was once a safety gross sales rep.

Her companion was likewise a person from the congregation. Dianne and her higher half, Brian Hood, have three children. Dianne’s life seemed to be completely typical, but this all modified when a horrendous murder occurred, and Dianne’s life was stopped.

2) When and the place did the scary occasion occur? On September 12, 1990, a daunting misfortune occurred that radically modified Dianne’s destiny. Dianne was stated to have lupus. She went to quite a few care teams on the close by public venue in Colorado Springs, Colorado, due to her ailment. Dianne was most likely coming back from one in all these assist conferences on the close by public venue on September 12, 1990, whereas the terrifying occasion occurred.

3) What Happen to Dianne Hood? As per experiences, a veiled attacker attacked Dianne from behind with an vintage.45-sort gun. The perpetrator took her pockets and shot her remorselessly from behind with the gun.

The aggressor allegedly remained over her cadaver, capturing her as soon as extra and taking her invaluable life. The executioner endeavored to trigger what is occurring to seem like a housebreaking. Dianne Hood, then once more, was relentlessly killed with cautious planning.

4) Who was Dianne Hood’s killer? Afterward, because the request superior, it was uncovered that Dianne’s vital different was having an unsanctioned romance with a 28-yr-aged individual referred to as Jennifer Reali, who was the one who killed Dianne.


Jennifer Reali was hitched to Ben Reali, an Army official, and the pair had two children. During her preliminary, she admitted to her terrible demonstration and uncovered that Dianne’s vital different organized, started, and coordinated Jennifer Reali to finish it.

5) Jennifer Reali and Brian Hood, what has been occurring with them? Jennifer Reali was supposedly considered as blameworthy and condemned to life in jail in 1992 for Dianne Hood’s first-diploma homicide.

Jennifer Reali’s sentence, nonetheless, was pushed by Colorado’s then-lead consultant in 2011, giving her parole qualification. Jennifer was stated to have been decided to have pancreatic malignant progress in 2014. She was conceded parole in 2017. Jennifer died on March 24, 2018, scarcely months subsequent to being let loose from jail.

Brian Hood was moreover accused of and sentenced for second-diploma endlessly homicide scheme within the passing of his vital different, Dianne. Brian Hood was in the end condemned to 37 years in jail. He was purportedly delivered launched early March 2019.

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