3 Ways How To Fish A Bladed Jig – Explained!

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The bladed jig is a comparatively new lure that’s actually making a splash as of late. The Chatterbait is credited with being the primary bladed jig to return on the scene and its trademarked identify typically mistakenly is used to imply “bladed jig.” Even within the fishing lure business there may be some confusion. One on-line lure outlet claims to have a piece known as “chatterbaits and bladed jigs;” whereas one other common website doesn’t understand how the place to position this distinctive lure so merely throws this underneath the incorrect heading, (*3*) The unique lure has spawned many extra bladed jig variants available on the market now with names such because the Melee, Thunder Cricket, and Rage Blade simply to call just a few.

When contemplating how one can fish a bladed jig, it might be useful to consider the depth of your presentation within the water column.


This lure is a necessary possibility for shallow water or working just below the floor. Bladed jig fishing suggestions recommend holding the rod tip excessive and utilizing a medium retrieve to create a wake just under the floor. The lure feels much like a tightly wobbling crankbait, however with a single hook and a blade on the entrance that desires to trip up within the water column, this lure can cowl water in vegetation you’d by no means be capable to get a crankbait by means of. When requested how one can fish a bladed jig in spring, I like to recommend working it as quick as an early season spinnerbait. In truth, I’ll typically change between the 2 lure sorts relying on the aggressiveness of the cooler water response chew.


When requested how one can fish a bladed jig in summer time, I recommend dropping the rod tip and slowing the retrieval to only preserve a gentle vibration. If you make contact with submerged construction like a log or rock, this lure can look off it, once more performing like a lipped squarebill crankbait. This deflection not solely saves the lure from a snag, however drives fish loopy. Also amongst bladed jig fishing suggestions is that this vibrating lure “shines” even in murky water the place the solar doesn’t shine. Just preserve the vibration thumping and the fish will discover it. If the vibration stops, give the rod a powerful sweep. This will both assist set the hook or will clear a little bit of vegetation so the vibrating can proceed.


In regards to how one can fish a bladed jig in deep water, some fishing suggestions recommend letting the jig hit the underside however with out totally shedding contact as a result of with the fluttering first rate of this lure, fish may hit on the drop. Once the road is slack, attempt lifting the lure simply sufficient to really feel the blade kick into motion, then dropping it to the underside once more. Also think about experimenting with completely different bladed jig designs. Some attempt to stay deeper within the water column. With a sluggish retrieve, even when not getting as deep as different lures, the vibration should name up fish.

Still one other facet of how one can fish a bladed jig is to handle the bladed jig setup or equipment. Just like commonplace jigs or spinnerbaits, completely different skirt colours can be found and simply interchanged. The finest bladed jig trailers actually rely on every distinctive fishing scenario. Some examples: in shallow water, a comfortable plastic frog. Mid depth: comfortable plastic swimbait. Deep water: crayfish or creature bait sample. And typically fish even favor a smaller presentation with no trailer. If you don’t have a bladed jig in your tacklebox, the subsequent time you’re in a spot that sells lures, maybe shopping for an out-of-state fishing license when touring, choose one up. You’ll marvel the way you ever managed with out it.

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